Windows 11 Upgrade

Windows 11 Released. Considering Upgrading?

With Windows 11 now being released, you may well be considering whether you should upgrade your PC from Windows 10 to 11.   As it’s newly released, we don’t know yet what bugs the new system has or what issues you may come across while trying to install it.

Historically, upgrading from one windows release to another doesn’t tend to go very well.   Issues with software packages not working, slowness, and miscellaneous strange issues have been common.   We usually recommend that a clean, fresh install is used.  Data can be backed up and returned to the PC and software reinstalled.

Windows 11 Upgrade

There are various requirements for Windows 11 to work on your existing PC.  It must be relatively modern, with components beyond around 5 years being excluded from support.   Your PC must also have certain security features such as TPM.  Before installing or upgrading, the Windows 11 installer will first check if your PC fulfils the requirements. If your PC doesn’t then it may be possible to upgrade it to enable support, or if it’s very old then it may be time to upgrade to something new.

If you have any issues or questions regarding moving to Windows 11 then please contact us and we will be happy to offer you support and advice.