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How To Install Windows 11 On Unsupported Processor

Windows 11 requires your system meets a strict set of requirements before it will allow you to install it.  It requires the processor be at least an 8th generation Intel or a 3rd generation AMD Ryzen.  If your processor does not meet this specification but still want to install the new version, then there is […]

Best Anti-Virus in 2021

Trying to find out what the best Anti-Virus program is in 2021 is not an easy task, every person and every site has their own differing opinions.   Many home users still us either Norton or McAfee, they are the most popular but, in our opinion, not the best. Windows 10 and Windows 11 actually come […]

iPhone 13 Repairability

With the latest iPhone now being released and various repair companies having got there hands on some, we now know just how repairable the iPhone 13 generation of Apple phones is and the news isn’t good. Apple have continued to lock down the ability for people to repair their phones, with a clear trajectory towards […]

CMR Vs SMR Data Recovery

Mechanical hard drives are still popular but their target market has changed.   Most new laptops and desktops shipped today comes with Solid State Drives, usually of the NVMe variety.  These are fast and robust but not generally of huge capacity as they cost more per GB than mechanical drives.  Typically they range from 250GB to […]

Windows 11 Released. Considering Upgrading?

With Windows 11 now being released, you may well be considering whether you should upgrade your PC from Windows 10 to 11.   As it’s newly released, we don’t know yet what bugs the new system has or what issues you may come across while trying to install it. Historically, upgrading from one windows release to […]

Will Windows 11 Work On My Computer?

Remember when Microsoft announced that Windows 10 would be the “forever” version of windows, apparently they have changed their minds on that. With Microsoft’s recent announcement of Windows 11, you may be wondering if your current PC will run it.   It’s a good question and there will shortly be a windows 11 compatibility checker available […]

Implications of the Worldwide chip shortage

The last 12 months have been a perfect storm of events that’s been causing a worldwide shortage of chips which is now resulting in in increased prices and reduced availability of all sorts of products. From inclement weather to trade wars, cryptocurrency mining to a pandemic, the world now faces increased demand for chips just […]

Open For Business

I would just like to say that we are open for walk in services now as we are still receiving quite a few messages asking if an appointment is required to have a repair done.   As long as its during our opening times and you wear a mask you are more than welcome to come […]

The Right to Repair Revolution of 2021

If you follow tech news, you’ve seen the headlines: ‘Right to Repair laws being enshrined in the E.U., U.K. to follow their lead. ‘U.S. Medical Right to Repair bill dies in Judiciary Committee’. And of course most recently, ‘25 U.S. states drafting Right to Repair laws this year’. So what’s behind the right to repair […]

Current COVID-19 Restrictions

The last year has certainly been a difficult time for many, but as we approach the middle of April 2021 it looks like things are going in the right direction.    We are still currently operating under restrictions, meaning that we are only offering essential repair and data recovery services at present, but we should be […]

New Website

We are currently updating our website.  Please bear with us while we sort out any small errors over the next few days.  If you come across any problems or have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Windows 10 Upgrade Now Available

After months of waiting, Windows 10 is now available.  As many of you will have noticed, you can get a free upgrade to Windows 10 directly from your existing PC if you have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.  You will likely have been getting notifications similar to this one.       While Windows 10 […]

Christmas Opening Hours 2014

We hope you are all having a Merry Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year.  Our festive opening hours this year are as follows:   Wed 24th – 10am to 1pm Thu 25th – Closed Fri 26th – Closed Sat 27th – Closed Sun 28th – Closed Mon 29th – 10am to 6pm […]

Win A Kindle

Great news, we would like to say thank-you to our customers for continuing to use us, so as of March one lucky customer who has had a system repaired, upgraded or built by us will win a Kindle each month!  

Christmas 2013 Opening Hours

Yes, its that time of year again.  If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping by now then good luck with the last minute Christmas Eve rush where any present is considered suitable.    TechRescue will be closed for a few days over the festive period, the opening hours are below Monday 23rd: 10am – 6pm […]

Cryptolocker Ransomware

You probably haven’t heard of Cryptolocker yet however its something you should take care to avoid.  If your like the majority of people, you store a lot of files and photos on your computer.  Cryptolocker is a rather nasty example of what’s become known as Ransom-ware.  Ransom-ware attempts to extort money from you by displaying […]

Hate Windows 8 Lack Of Start Menu?

Have you recently puchased a new Windows 8 computer?  Do you really dislike the lack of a Start Menu?  If you, you are not alone.  We often hear from customers who arent happy with Windows 8, they find it disjointed and difficult to use, the good news is there is a free program that goes […]

Quality iPhone Repairs

We have been replacing screens for iPhones in Aberdeen for quite a while now.  We have bought in many different screens from a number of suppliers in the past and have noticed some significant differences in quality.  You may or may not be aware of this but there is a thriving market for poor quality […]

Metropolitan Police Message Appeared? Don;t Worry, Its Just A Virus.

If you can’t get into windows anymore and a rather alarming message is coming up apparently from the Metropolitan Police or some other constabulary then you your computer has become infected with a very common virus.  No matter how alarming the message may be, don’t be tempted to phone or enter credit card details, its […]

Send Us Your Data Recovery Jobs

Although we have been accepting Data Recovery jobs by post for some time, we hadn’t previously been advertising the service on the website.  You can now download a form, complete it and send your faulty hard drive, USB pen, NAS box or other storage medium in to us for a FREE diagnosis.  You can find […]

Website Moves to New Server

We have at last got round to moving the website from a rather slow and outage prone server to something a bit faster.  Hopefully this will result in fast page load times and a better browsing experience! If you have any problems with the website or indeed any suggestions on how we could improve it, […]

Just Spilled Liquid On Your Laptop

If you have just found yourself in the unfortunate situation of having a wet laptop there are a few things you can do to minimize the chances of your laptop being irrevocably damaged. The majority of liquid spills we see tend to be over the keyboard area and given that main working parts of the […]

System Tool Infection

Have you been the victim of the now quite notorious “System Tool” infection?  If you’ve had something that looks like an Anti-Virus program appearing and your wallpaper turning into a quite alarming message saying “WARNING, YOUR IN DANGER” then you’re probably a victim of this infection.  We started to see it in large numbers around […]

Data Recovery Equipment Investment

Here in our workshop one of our main jobs is data recovery.   You can lose data through any number of ways but common reasons are accidental deletion, virus corruption, and accidental damage to storage media or mechanical failure of the storage device.  It can happen at any time and unless you have recently created a backup […]

Christmas Opening Hours

I hope everyone is enjoying the winter snow as much as we are….unfortunatly it seems like it’s here to stay so best get a good pair of boots and gloves and get on with it! We will be closed for a few days over the Christmas period so if you need to speak to us […]

Christmas Opening Hours

I hope everyone is enjoying the winter snow as much as we are….unfortunatly it seems like it’s here to stay so best get a good pair of boots and gloves and get on with it! We will be closed for a few days over the Christmas period so if you need to speak to us […]

Be Nice To Your Laptop

Do you often lounge around, using your laptop on your bed on carpet?  As comfortable as it might be, it’s not going to be doing your lovely laptop much good.  Laptops run pretty hot; the manufactures have crammed a lot of tech into a pretty small case and with all this technology radiating so much […]

Do You Ever Create an Outlook Backup

Do you use Microsoft Outlook to manage your emails, contracts and diary for your business?  If you do, you really should be making a regular backup of everything that its storing for you.  We see many people each week that have use Outlook to essentially run their business.  They keep all their vital business contacts […]

Phones by Microsoft

Have you been phoned by “Microsoft”?  In recent months we have seen a huge rise in the number of customers saying they received a phone call from Microsoft, claiming to have detected a problem with their computer.  Fair enough you think, that’s very nice of Microsoft to care so much about their customers.  Unfortunately it’s […]

Phones by Microsoft

Have you been phoned by “Microsoft”?  In recent months we have seen a huge rise in the number of customers saying they received a phone call from Microsoft, claiming to have detected a problem with their computer.  Fair enough you think, that’s very nice of Microsoft to care so much about their customers.  Unfortunately it’s […]

Lots of Hard Drives Failing

Well it appears we have entered hard drive season again.  Twice a year, firstly around April and again around November we see a big increase in the number of Hard Drive failures we see and we think it must be due to big changes in temperature.  Unfortunately, unless you plan you keep your heating on […]

Online Repair Checking Now Available

We have now added the ability to check the status of any repair or upgrade you have submitted to us online.  Simply click on the “Repair Status” link along the top of the page and enter your Surname and your Repair ID to get up to the minute information about your computer repair or upgrade.  […]

TechRescue Website & Services Update

  You may notice some changes on our website in the next few days as we update content and add some new features.  As well as the website update we are currently readying a new In-Shop booking in system which will allow us to keep you automatically updated, by email and text message, about your […]


  In the last week or so we have had a number of customers telling us about them receiving phone calls from various companies claiming they have been notified by Microsoft that their computer is either infected by a virus or spyware, they have no “hard drive protection” or various other mythical computer errors.    […]

HP dv Series Laptop Failures

Here at TechRescue we carry out many computer repairs on laptops and desktops, a very common laptop series we see in our workshop is the HP dv Series.  These normally fail with either graphical corruption on the screen or simply stop turning on.   If you currently have a working HP laptop, check HPs website […]

Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery

In the last year or so we have been noticing a worrying number data recovery jobs involving Seagate Hard Drives failing.  In many cases, these repairs are due to a known issue with the firmware installed on the drives.  Essentially firmware is a collection of protocols and procedures that are essential to the correct operation […]

Wireless Security At Home

Today most of us have our computers connected through broadband and the vast majority of these connections are now wireless.  Its essential to keep these networks safe and secure! If you have a router supplied to you by your ISP (AOL, BT, O2, Virgin etc) in the last 3 years then the chances are that your […]

Dropbox – Really Useful Tool

Sometimes, but not very often, I come across a really useful application that just makes my life that bit easier. One such thing is DropBox and it can be used on everything from you Windows powered PC to your iPhone.   DropBox is essentially online cloud storage that easily and seamlessly installed onto your PC, […]