Quality iPhone Repairs

We have been replacing screens for iPhones in Aberdeen for quite a while now.  We have bought in many different screens from a number of suppliers in the past and have noticed some significant differences in quality. 

You may or may not be aware of this but there is a thriving market for poor quality replacement parts.  You will often find these parts on eBay and Amazon and in fact many Phone Repair Shops that offer too good to be true prices use these screens.  They usually come with poor quality LCDs which arent as bright and tend to fail.  They also come with poor quality Glass which isnt as strong and doesn’t have the fingerprint repellent layer as the screen that came with the phone.

We always source quality OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement screens, these are as close to the original screen as you can get.  They have quality LCDs and Glass as well as coming with the Oleophobic coating that keeps the fingerprints at bay.