Seagate Hard Drive Data Recovery

In the last year or so we have been noticing a worrying number data recovery jobs involving Seagate Hard Drives failing.  In many cases, these repairs are due to a known issue with the firmware installed on the drives.  Essentially firmware is a collection of protocols and procedures that are essential to the correct operation of your drive.  If these become corrupt or damaged in any way your drive stops working. 

If you have a Seagate drive of 500GB or above then there’s a good chance your drive will be one of those models that may suffer from this issue, fortunately Seagate have released an update that corrects this issue.  Visit Seagate’s Website for further details.

Here at TechRescue we have a wealth of experience in recovering data from dead or dying hard drives of all makes.  If you should be in the unfortunate position of having just lost a lot of precious data due to a hard drive failure contact us and we will do our very best to recover it.  Likewise, if you are unsure on how to proceed with any firmware updates on drives, contact us for further information.