Data Recovery Pricing


We offer a data recovery service that aims to recover as much data as possible for a competitive price without cutting corners.  We price each job on its own as we find this the fairest way to do things.  Once we have received your drive or device, we will assess it and contact you with a diagnosis and price and you can then choose to continue or not.  We offer a no data-no fee policy so you won’t have to pay for our attempt if it is unsuccessful.

We have a diagnostic & assessment fee of £35 Inc VAT on each device/drive, this also covers return postage if the device has been sent into us.  We charge this fee to cover some of the time spent properly assessing the drive.  If you go ahead with the recovery and it is successful then this fee is discounted from the final charge.

As a rough guide, most data recoveries are in the £89 – £349 Inc VAT Range. If we can’t recover your data there’s no charge! We advise all our customers to contact us first before going any further.  All prices below include VAT.

Our standard turn-around time is between 3-10 days.  If you are in a hurry then please let us know and we will do our very best to expedite your recovery job.


Device Data Recovery

We can recover data from most devices.   If the drives aren’t damaged and the data isn’t corrupt but the device simply no longer works then we can usually still get to your data.  Whether its a non functional PC, Mac or NAS device, contact us and see what we can offer.

PC / Mac Recovery
£69 - £149
PC / Apple Mac Data Recovery
Mac or PC With Removable SSD or Mechanical Drive
Recovery of Data From Non Functional Machine where Drive is Healthy
Price Will Depend on Machine Disassembly Complexity (iMac, Macbook, AIO etc)
Soldered On Recovery
£249 - £389
Soldered On Mac Data Recovery
Recovery From Mac with Soldered On Storage When Machine Wont Switch On
Data Requires Repair of Logic Board Fault
Complex Recovery Due to Apple Design
Most Apple Macbooks from 2017 Onwards
RAID Recovery
£200 / drive
RAID / NAS Recovery
Price is Calculated on the Number of Drive in the RAID Array
If a Hard Drive Requires Physical Recovery to Rebuild Array Then Extra Costs May Apply
A Quote Will Be Provided Once We Have Inspected The Drives

Logical Data Recovery (Mechanical Hard Drives)

If a device isn’t physically damaged but the data has become corrupt then in most cases your files will be recoverable.   As long as the data hasn’t been overwritten then it’s probably still on the device, even if you can’t see it.

Logical Recovery 1
File System Corruption
Partition Table Corruption
Deleted Files, Lost Data
Formatted Drive with No New Data Written
Logical Recovery 2
Corrupt Encrypted File System Corruption
Lost Partitions on Encrypted Drive / Volumes
Formatted Drive With New Data Written
Extreme Corruption Of File System
Logical Recovery 3
Custom Quote
Custom / Complex
Recovery From DVR & CCTV Equipment
Virtual Machine Recovery
Other Complex Cases Requiring Non Standard Techniques
Cases Requiring Custom Solutions For Recovery
As Every Case Will Be Different, A Quote Will Be Provided Upon Evaluation

Physical Data Recovery (Mechanical Hard Drives)

If your hard drive has become physically damaged, either due to being dropped or just due to wear and tear, then 90% of cases the data is still recoverable.  These are often complex cases requiring specific donor parts and specialist hardware.  Applies to internal and external mechanical hard drives.

Physical Recovery 1
Basic (65% of Cases)
PCB / Electronic Faults
Firmware Faults
Hard Drives with Large Numbers of Bad Sectors
Hard Drives With Stuck Heads That Can Be Reused
Physical Recovery 2
£499 + Parts
Clicking Drives
Hard Drives Requiring Head Replacement
Severe Firmware Damage
Drives With Multiple Issues
Stuck Spindle Motor
Physical Recovery 3
Custom Quote
Custom / Complex
Drives with Physical Damage to Platters
Specific Drive Models Requiring Extra Work
Other Complex Cases Requiring Non Standard Techniques
Cases Requiring Custom Solutions For Recovery
As Every Case Will Be Different, A Quote Will Be Provided Upon Evaluation

Flash Storage Data Recovery

Whether its a USB Thumb Drive, Internal or External Solid State Device or a SD card from your camera data is often recoverable.   These can be the most complex cases if there is a physical failure due to the shear number of different models and revisions of hardware.  Depending on the extend of damage, data can often be recovered by removing the memory chips from the device and reading them externally, a process called chip off data recovery. 

Flash Recovery 1
Accidental File Deletion
File System Corruption
Minor Bad Sector Issue
Flash Recovery 2
£179 - £389
Bad Sectors
Unstable Flash / SSD Drives
Electronic Damage
PCB Damage
Flash Recovery 3
£249 - £600
Chip Off Recovery
Severe Electronic Damage Requiring Removal of NAND Chip
Monolith Device Recovery
Monolith Recovery Will Likely Require A Custom Quote Due to Extensive Work Required to Recover Many of These Cases

Step 1

Phone, email or visit us for advice on what to do. We are happy to discuss what may have gone wrong, your options and the possible prices for recovery from your drive or device.

Step 2

Send us the drive or if you are located close by, then you can drop it off at our office. We recommend you use Royal Mail Special Delivery or another tracked courier service. Make sure the device is packaged well.

Step 3

Once we have received your device we will carry out an inspection and get back to you within 48 hours with a price for recovery. At this point uou can choose to go ahead or to ask for the device to be sent back.

Step 4

We will send you a file list of the data that has been recovered for you to look at and confirm everything you need is there. Upon confirmation we will take payment and return the data to you on suitably sized media.

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