Lots of Hard Drives Failing

Well it appears we have entered hard drive season again.  Twice a year, firstly around April and again around November we see a big increase in the number of Hard Drive failures we see and we think it must be due to big changes in temperature.  Unfortunately, unless you plan you keep your heating on all day even though you’re out at work, its difficult to isolate your computer from inclement conditions!     

Hard drives, the bit that stores all your data, is one of the parts inside your computer or laptop that will at some point almost certainly fail, the metal disc(s) inside the drive are spinning round at a few thousand times a minute and understandably sometimes something goes wrong.  They don’t like being thrown about, dropped, stood on, being exposed to extreme temperatures or having glasses of wine spilled over them.  They are quite fragile things which makes backing up your data onto at least two different drives a very good idea if you have photos or documents you don’t want to lose. 

If you have just had the worst happen and your hard drive has decided to give up (making grinding noises, saying no hard drive detected etc) all may not be lost.  We do provide a very good Aberdeen Data Recovery service which should allow you to get your precious photos, music and documents back.