Be Nice To Your Laptop

Do you often lounge around, using your laptop on your bed on carpet?  As comfortable as it might be, it’s not going to be doing your lovely laptop much good. 

Laptops run pretty hot; the manufactures have crammed a lot of tech into a pretty small case and with all this technology radiating so much heat it’s important that the cooling fan inside the laptop is working properly. 

There are usually air vents on the sides and underside of laptops and if these get blocked with dusts, fluff, bits of carpet etc, your laptops life expectancy will be cut significantly.

You should only really use a laptop on a hard, solid surface like a table or desk.  If you suddenly find your laptop running hot, crashing frequently or freezing after 10 or 20 minutes you may well have an overheating laptop which we can most likely repair.  Contact us for this or any other Aberdeen Laptop Repair queries and we will do our best to help.