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Aberdeen USB Pen & Flash Drive Recovery

USB pens are incredibly handy devices but sometimes they can get damaged or just stop working. We tend to keep them in our pockets, use them to transport documents from home to work and just expect them to work but sometimes you can plug one in and find that it does nothing at all. Perhaps your USB pen has had an accident and the plug at the end has been bent or completely knocked off. We can recover data from most USB pens / Flash drives by either repairing the damage or reading the data directly off the memory chip inside. It can be quite a complicated process but don’t fear, we have carried out the procedure many, many times on all manner of brands and sizes. Common signs of a faulty USB Pen are:

  • No power
  • You can see your files but cant access them
  • USB Pen being detected as wrong size
  • USB Pen being detected as a generic USB device
  • Obvious physical damage to the USB connector

If you need data recovered from a broken or faulty USB drive you can contact us now for advice and what we can do to help get your data back.



No Data No Fee

We will make every attempt to recover your data, however if it proves impossible then you don't pay for the attempt.

Large Or Small

We handle jobs for both large businesses and personal home users. Whether its a server or a memory stick, we are here to help.


Most data recoveries can be carried out within 2-3 days. If you are in a rush then ask us if we can offer you an express service.


We offer a strict non-disclosure privacy policy with all our data recoveries, all at our fixed price.

Local Data Recovery In Aberdeen

Once we have inspected your device we will be able to provide you with a no obligation quote for the recovery of your files and data.  Most recoveries can be completed within 2-3 days of us being given the go ahead.

If you suspect you have suffered data loss or think your hard drive or other device is faulty it is important to stop using it and switch it off immediately.  Continued use may make recovery more difficult or impossible.

Once a drive has been received we will inspect it and give you a quote for recovery so you have no unexpected bills to be worried about.  We offer a no data-no fee policy on the vast majority of recoveries so in the event the drive is too badly damaged to recover from, you wont end up paying for nothing.


14 Years Of Data Recovery Experience

With a wealth of experience and access to the latest tools and procedures TechRescue are confident that if its possible to recover your data, we can do it.

If you are experiencing data loss or suspect something is wrong then we would strongly advise that you stop using the device and leave it switched off.  Contact us for further advice and what your options are via phone, email on in person.

We have a range of tools and equipment in our lab including AceLab Products, DDI’s, Atola and HDDSurgery as well as a few others, all costing thousands of pounds a piece, we have invested heavily in the very best of equipment to offer our clients the best possible recovery outcomes. All physical work is carried out in our Class 100 Clean Air Facility.


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