System Tool Infection

Have you been the victim of the now quite notorious “System Tool” infection?  If you’ve had something that looks like an Anti-Virus program appearing and your wallpaper turning into a quite alarming message saying “WARNING, YOUR IN DANGER” then you’re probably a victim of this infection.  We started to see it in large numbers around two weeks ago and appears to have been coming from infected adverts being displayed on various websites. 




If it asks for credit card details DO NOT enter them! This is a scam and the whole idea of it is to get card details of unsuspecting victims.  If you have already entered card details, it would be a very good idea to contact the issuing bank and make them aware of this.



Fortunatly we can rectify this problem for you.  This infection is more frustrating that damaging to your system and in most cases we can remove it without effecting the rest of your system and files.  Please contact us or visit us for further details of what we can do.