USB Drive Recovery

Fast Recovery, No Obligation Quote and No Data – No Fee  

Recovering as much data as possible from your drive or device is our goal and with our great success rate, we are confident we can
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USB Pen & Flash Drive Recovery

USB pens are incredibly handy devices but sometimes they can get damaged or just stop working. We tend to keep them in our pockets, use them to transport documents from home to work and just expect them to work but sometimes you can plug one in and find that it does nothing at all.
Perhaps your USB pen has had an accident and the plug at the end has been bent or completely knocked off. We can recover data from most USB pens / Flash drives by either repairing the damage or reading the data directly off the memory chip inside. It can be quite a complicated process but don’t fear, we have carried out the procedure many, many times on all manner of brands and sizes. Common signs of a faulty USB Pen are:

  • No power
  • You can see your files but cant access them
  • USB Pen being detected as wrong size
  • USB Pen being detected as a generic USB device
  • Obvious physical damage to the USB connector

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13 Years Experience and 30’000+ Recoveries & Repairs

With a wealth of experience and access to the latest tools and procedures TechRescue are confident that if its possible to recover your data, we can do it.

If you are experiencing data loss or suspect something is wrong then we would strongly advise that you stop using the device and leave it switched off.  Contact us for further advice and what your options are via phone, email on in person.


Data Recovery From £89

Once we have inspected your device we will be able to provide you with a no obligation quote for the recovery of your files and data.  Most recoveries can be completed within 3-7 days of us being given the go ahead.

Get EstimatePrices & FAQ's

Our Recovery Process

Step 1

Phone, email or visit us for advice on what to do. We are happy to discuss what may have gone wrong, your options and the possible prices for recovery from your drive or device.

Step 2

Send us the drive or if you are located close by, then you can drop it off at our office. We recommend you use Royal Mail Special Delivery or another tracked courier service. Make sure the device is packaged well.

Step 3

Once we have received your device we will carry out an inspection and get back to you within 48 hours with a price for recovery. At this point you can choose to go ahead or to ask for the device to be sent back.

Step 4

We will send you a file list of the data that has been recovered for you to look at and confirm everything you need is there. Upon confirmation we will take payment and return the data to you on suitably sized media.

Our Service

Home & Business

Whether you are a home user who has lost your photo collection or thesis or a business user who has lost years of vital documents and files, we are here to help recover your data at the best possible price while maintaining a superior service and success rate without cutting corners.

Fixed Price

Once we have inspected your drive we will be able to provide you with a fixed cost for recovery. Due to data recovery from physically damaged devices being complex and each case being different, we do need to assess it first before being able to provide a no obligation quote. We can however provide an estimate based on the most likely fault if you contact us for advice.

No Data - No Fee

If your device turns out to be too damaged to recover the data from, then we won’t charge you for our time attempting it. More than 9/10 drives are recoverable, however there are always some that can’t be recovered from due to the extent of damage.

Up To Date

You will get regular texts and emails informing you how your job is going, you can even approve a job with a simple message back to us. You can pay the final invoice in shop or through our portal, perfect if you have sent a job to us by post. We are also always available at the end of the phone or in person at the office, you should never have to wait for than a minute or two waiting to speak to a technician directly.