Customers generally have similar questions with regards to our data recovery service and we have tried to answer as many of the common ones here as we can, of course if you have any additional questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us.
How Much Will Data Recovery Cost Me

The questions we are most often asked!   Price does depend on what device you are giving us and what physical state it is in.  Our data recovery evaluation is free on our standard service and we will provide you with a report on the condition of your drive and a price quote for recovery upon inspection.  You have the option of accepting the quote or rejecting it at this point.

We conduct ourselves at all times in a professional manner and this includes your privacy and our honest appraisal of your drive.  There are many less than reputable businesses advertising online with very low prices, if your data is important to you then please think carefully before trusting these companies with it.  Data recovery is often a time consuming, difficult and unfortunately sometimes quite pricey service.  Many companies will lure you in with a low price and then raise it significantly once they have received it, or simply only recover the easy jobs and mark the difficult cases as unrecoverable.

Why not give us a call or email to discuss your particular problem, we can usually be quite accurate with advice and pricing with the information you provide


Typical fees for recovery are as follows:


Laptops, PCs & Macs That Won’t Turn On But Hard Drive Is Not Damaged

Data Transfer: From £69


Internal & External Hard Drives

Logical Failure: £89 to £149

Electronic/Firmware/Minor Physical Failure: £299 to £349

Major Physical Failure: From £499


USB Drives / Memory Cards

Logical Failure: £99

Electronic/Minor Physical Failure: £149

Major Physical/Electronic: From £199


Android & Apple Phone

Physical Failure: From £299


How Long Will The Evaluation Take

We inspect and evaluate most drive or devices within 48 hours of receiving them, however if the device has suffered severe damage then it may take longer to evaluate properly.  We do offer an express service at an additional cost.


How Long Will My Recovery Take
Most recoveries take between 3-10 days to complete though it does depend on the extent of the damage to the drive or device.  You will be told how long it’s like to take when we give you your price quote.  
My Hard Drive Is Clicking or Grinding. Is the Data Recoverable?
In most instances the data is recoverable.  It will likely require the careful sourcing and replacement of key internal components and then careful work cloning the drive to allows us to extract the data but in the majority of cases this is possible. Sometimes when a drive is dropped, knocked or left switched on while its making unusual noises then major damage occurs to the surfaces where the data is stored. In these cases a partial recovery is sometimes possible and in others cases no data is recoverable. If your drive is making clicking, grinding or beeping noises it is essential that you switch it off and leave it switched off until we have inspected it.
What Does The Evaluation Process Involve
When we receive a drive we first determine what is wrong with the drive, what the cause of the failure is and whether it is going to be recoverable.  We first must determine if it is a logical issue, an electronic issue, firmware issue or a physical issue.  Logical issues mean that the drive or device is physically fine but corruption or system file error is preventing access to the data.  Electronic issues mean that one or more of the electronic components has been damaged and will require repair or replacement.  Firmware issues relate to damage to the underlying programming that allows the hard drive to operate, it exists either on a chip on the drive or on the platters in the drive itself.  Physical damage means that the drive or device has suffered physical damage to one or more of its components and in the case of a hard drive will likely require opening up in a clean room and replacement parts being sourced.
How Will My Data Be Returned
If the recovered data is less than 64GB it will be returned on a USB pen with no additional charge for the device.  If the recovered data is larger than this then it will be copied to a new external drive of a size of your choosing.  There will be a charge for the new drive but this will be discussed and quoted for during the job when we know how much data is recoverable and what data you require.
Is Data Always Recoverable
In the vast majority of cases we see the data is recoverable however there are always occasions when there is simply too much damage present to recover the data.  In some cases the damage prevents us recovering all your data but allows us to recover a portion of it.  Once we have inspected your drive, we will be in a much better position to advise you of the recoverability of your data.