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Free Estimate and Fixed Price Repair

We offer a fast, professional and well priced Macbook and iMac repair service in Aberdeen. We can provide you with a free estimate, just phone, email or visit us in person and we can assess what’s wrong. Upon inspection we can provide you a fixed price for the job which means you will know exactly what you’re going to pay with no unexpected or hidden costs!

We understand that you may use your apple mac everyday for personal or business purposes so aim to get it fixed and back to you as quickly as possible.

Most jobs can be completed within 48 hours so we can have you back up and running in no time. If its an emergency then let us know and we will do our best to get it done even quicker!

Is your mac running slow? We also stock SSD upgrades as well as extra memory to give your machine a speed boost.

  • Mac Repair & Macbook Repairs in Aberdeen
  • Liquid Damage
  • Battery Not Charging / Replacement
  • Screen Replacement & Hinge Repair
  • iMac & Macbook Hard Drive replacements and data recovery
  • Slow, Freezing & Kernal Panic Issues
  • Macbook Memory & SSD Upgrades
  • Overheating & Noisy Fan Issues
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • Startup Issues

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Mac and Macbook Repairs

Great Prices and Fast Service

Whether you are a home user or business, we have a walk in service centre that’s open from 9.30 to 6pm weekdays and 10 to 3 on a Saturday as well!  No need to make an appointment, just pop along and for advice and service.  We can normally get your device up and running within a few days or sooner if you are in a rush. We offer a first rate service while maintaining a very competitive price.  Our customers satisfaction is our first priority so rest assured that you will be taken care of.


What’s It Going To Cost

We have fixed prices for most jobs so you know exactly what you will be paying. We offer very competitive prices while maintaining a high level of service. We don’t use cheap parts that will lead to avoidable problems. Most repairs cost between £49 and £69 plus any parts required and we give you a long warranty of 6 months as well! Give us a call, email, stop by the office or contact us using the chat icon on the bottom of your screen to discuss your problem with one of our friendly technicians. We will be able to give you a price for your particular problem and explain the options available to you.

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We can provide you with a free estimate in person or via phone or email for your mac repair.  We offer a fixed price for the vast majority of repairs and jobs we carry out so you will know exactly what you will be paying.  Most jobs can be completed within 2-3 days so we can have you back up and running in no time.

Fast & Professional With 6 Month Warranty

We offer a fast, friendly and professional aberdeen mac repair service to both home and business users.  We have been trading since 2004 and have a wealth of experience repairing your equipment. We offer a long warranty with hardware based repairs as well.

Keeping You Informed

You will get regular texts and emails informing you how your job is going, you can even approve a job with a simple message back to us.  You can pay the final invoice in shop or through our portal, perfect if you have sent a job to us by post. We are also always available at the end of the phone or in person at the office, you should never have to wait for than a minute or two waiting to speak to a technician directly.

Macbook & iMac Repair Service List

We offer many repair services on Macs and iMacs and most of them are listed and explained here. If you have a problem that isn’t listed, dont worry! Give us a call and we will do our best to explain your options and give you a price.
Startup Issues

This is a common issue.  Perhaps you get a flashing folder or just a spinning cursor. Common causes are failing or failed hard drives and software issues.

Macbook Wont Charge & Low Battery Life
Batterys in Macbooks can sometimes go faulty, when they do they can stop holding a charge which means when you unplug it from the mains, the system turns off.  We can replace the battery for a new one so everything works as it should.
Loose or Broken Hinges & Faulty Screens
Quite often Macbooks develop loose hinges or the hinges themselves can become broken.  We can fix this issue so the screen opens and closes as it was designed to.  We can also replace screens on a number of Macbook models, common issues with these are graphical corruption or colour banding on the screen.
Macbook Liquid Damage
If you have spilled water or another liquid on your macbook then its important to switch if off and leave it switched off until its properly dry and preferably inspected.  We have a great success rate in cleaning up the spill and fixing any issues it may have caused.  Sometimes the damage is too severe for it to be fixed but in these cases its almost always possible to recover the data.
Data Recovery From Macs
We are the North Easts only Data Recovery Specialists.  As such we offer an extensive data recovery service for everything from a dead Mac to severaly damaged hard drives.  Contact us for further details.
Other MacBook Problems
If you have an issue with your Mac that isnt listed above why not contact us and speak to one of our friendly technicians who will do their best to help answer your questions.